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Debit Card Chargeback Supervisor PayPal

Debit Card Team Supervisor
Swing Shift
M-F 3:30pm-12am

The Debit Card Operations Chargeback Team Leader will be responsible for engaging and developing your direct reports, fostering an open collaborative environment where best practices are shared. Support and drive needs based initiatives through communication, coaching, best practice sharing, and calibrations. This team will be responsible for completing customer chargeback disputes within Regulation E and MasterCard regulations. This will require a basic understanding of the PayPal Debit Card products, Point of Sale products, Regulation E, and MasterCard regulations. This includes providing management guidance to the agents in daily operations and assessing resources and tool requirements. In addition, the Debit Card Operations Chargeback Team Leader will be responsible for collaborating with the Debit Card Operations Director on ideas for improvement and implementing strategy and plans and adjusting processes to meet overall corporate goals as directed by Senior Management. The Debit Card Operations Chargeback Team Leader will also be responsible for ensuring supplemental QA and training programs are conducted for their team as needed. The Debit Card Operations Chargeback Team Leader will participate in the staff growth and operational planning as needed.

Competencies required are:

  • Customer Focus

  • Listening

  • Developing Direct Reports and Others

  • Time Management

  • Business Acumen

  • Managing and Measuring Work

  • Motivating Others

  • Ethics and Values

  • Integrity and Trust

Job Requirements

  1. Build, develop, and lead a team of employees dedicated to the PayPal MasterCard Debit Card into a high performing team that meets or exceeds performance goals.

  2. Operate with minimal supervision as an experienced supervisor with a robust understanding of industry and internal best practices and independently resolve a wide range of issues.

  3. Complete weekly one-on-ones and QD evaluations with each agent to discuss performance or any other issues.

  4. Regularly review and ensure that agents follow procedures, process flows, and guidelines.

  5. Develop and communicate action plans for individual agent performance based on assessment of strengths and weaknesses. Set specific objectives for each employee that includes performance, training, and developmental goals monthly, quarterly and annually.

  6. Coordinate reward and recognition programs for the team.

  7. Identify unique training needs for the team and work with the training department to ensure training is developed and delivered to agents.

  8. Ensure that all chargebacks are completed in accordance with Regulation E and MasterCard.

  9. Ensure updates are communicated daily or as needed to the team.

  10. Ensure that trends, spikes, and irregularities are identified and communicated to Management and Analyst.

  11. Ensure customer contacts via phone or email are completed within service level timeframes.

  12. Actively participate in the interview and selection process for new hires within areas of responsibility and center wide as needed.

  13. Administer disciplinary actions according to HR policy and notify Management and Human Resources of issues that may harm the center or its operations.

  14. Identify and communicate system and facilities issues according to published escalation guidelines.

  15. Ensure that the team is adequately prepared for upcoming workflow and/or procedural changes.

  16. Establish relationships with other supervisors throughout the organization to ensure excellent information flow and feedback on impacts of process, policy and product changes.

  17. Contribute to the implementation of workflow process improvements, including both case management and administrative tools workflows as needed.

  18. Participate in managerial training courses and development courses as they become available.

  • 4+ years banking, financial services, or customer service experience required.

  • 2 years supervisory experience required.

  • Previous Debit Card or Chargeback experience preferred.

Educational requirements

Bachelors Degree or equivalent work experience required

Bachelors Degree or Equivalent


Job Specs
Job ID #: 56863
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Job Type: Full Time
Last Modified: 4/18/2018
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